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Custom Seats
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At Bikes2NV, we have a motto: "We do it all, from mild to wild".
That motto echoes in everything we do, especially our custom seat service.

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Ridin' On
Motorcycle Magazine's review on our Custom Seats!



Read what Road Hawk Magazine has to say about our gel seats below.

On the mild side, try one of our custom gel inserts.  Visco-elastic gel pads add riding comfort to any seat on any model.  Gel pads work to eliminate vibration and prevent the dreaded ﮫey-butt殢sp; Gel pads evenly distribute weight to absorb and eliminate pressure at the hips and tail bone and get rid of the ﴠspots殢sp; You can add hours to your ride time and the only thing you give up is a pain in the butt.  If your bike is a little too tall, why not lower your seat?  We can remove a large portion of your factory seat foam and replace it with a much lower profile gel insert.  We can also narrow your seat slightly, allowing you to get your legs under you more.

Nothing screams Wild like exotic animal hides.  From the rugged look of alligator, to the sinister appeal of black cobra, exotic hides really make a statement.

Here at Bikes2NV, we strive for the best.  As beautiful as real exotic animal hides are, they don't make the best covering for your seats.  For example, alligator hide is referred to as ﵧh armor plated skin with several hard bony spikes殢sp; That's not exactly the definition of comfort.

We offer high end embossed Italian and marine-grade vinyls in a variety of exotic prints.  These high end vinyls offer quite a few advantages over real animal skin.  For starters, they are waterproof.  Genuine hides swell, stretch and discolor when exposed to water.  Secondly, our vinyls are UV resistant.  Unlike genuine hides, they will not bleach-out, shrink, or dry rot. 

The only genuine pelts we use are Stingray.  Stingrays are fished for food, and the pelts are a byproduct.  The species Dasyatis uamak is abundant, and fished off the coast of Thailand.  Stingray pelts have a very unique surface of smooth shiny pebbles on top with a soft leather underside.  Stingray is very easy to care for, requiring only the occasional wipe down with a damp cloth.

Whether you have a high dollar custom or a modest daily rider, your seat is the one part of your bike you'll use every ride.  Our seats are so comfortable, you'll want to throw away your Lay-z-boy, but they look so good, you'll want to ride standing up.


We have a variety of colors, patterns, and textures available.  Click on the photos below to see a sample.


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