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Why Choose Bikes 2 NV?


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So now that we have given all the reasons you need to turn your ride on,
lets give you some customer benefits that make the process simpler for you.

Easy Ordering
Our Toll-Free number is 866-739-BIKE.  We can reserve a set for you (with deposit), or you can simply go to, print out a wheel order form, fill it out, and include it with your wheels.  Be sure to pack your wheels very carefully, so they do not get hurt in shipping.  The wheel order form will help speed up the process to get your new wheels back to you quickly.

Quality Control
In order for Bikes 2 NV to control quality, we require that we receive your exchange wheels first.  Why you ask?  Simply put quality control.  We inspect the wheels to make sure they are not bent, or damaged in any way.  Damaged wheels are not acceptable in our exchange program.  Period.  This is one of many steps that we take to ensure that you get the best wheels in the industry, with the highest standards possible.  Some of the other guys will take in anything, but NOT Bikes 2 NV, No Garbage In, No Garbage Out!!

Chrome Yours
Some Customers need to, or are more comfortable with having their wheels chromed.  No Problem!  We engrave your name, our name and a work order number that identifies every wheel, so you can be certain that the wheels you sent are the same ones you get back, of course with Premium Chrome on them.

Same day turn-around
We ship your exchange wheels to you the same day we receive your wheels if we have yours in stock (excluding Saturdays).  This helps to eliminate down time for you.

We have special boxing and packing to help protect your new premium chrome wheels.  All wheels are shipped via UPS; tracking numbers are available so you can tell where your wheels are, and when you can expect to take delivery.  UPS ground services is the one we use, but if you need special shipping, overnight, second day are available, so call for pricing.

Pick Up
You may pick up your new chrome wheels from our showroom.  We are conveniently located right off I-270 near the airport at 5728 Westbourne Ave., Columbus, OH  43213.

You can bring in your wheels loaded with tires, rotors, bearings, cush drive or pulley.  We will dismount, mount tires with our touch-less tire changer, and then balance them on our computerized spin balancer.  Most manufacturers recommend replacing the bearings, however, Bikes 2 NV does not stock bearings.  If you want new ones installed, be sure to bring them with your wheels.  Bikes 2 NV warranty covers the chrome, not the bearings or the wheel itself.  We use Locktite on rotor bolts, pulley bolts, so upon receipt of your new chrome wheels, you can put them right on.  This can be done while you wait with an appointment (approx time: 2 hours).

If you need tires, we have some in stock (call to check availability in your specific size) OR you can carry yours in and we will mount them for you.  Be sure to call us, as we are very competitive on tire prices.


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